3 Craziest Gambling Wins in the History of Casinos

Whether you are an avid casino gambling fan or just a mere casino world spectator, you might have already dreamt about having the craziest casino win of all time. After all, casino fans are mostly attracted to the massive winnings casinos promise. In real life, winning your most-wished-for jackpot is very less likely to happen. Gambling works in big house odds designed to limit huge jackpot wins. The craziest winnings ever recorded can be purely out of fortune or because of years' dedication and passion for the game.

However, the thrilling chances of winning crazy amounts of jackpots is still enticing for most casino fans. Who would not want to have that life-changing amount of earnings? It is always a delight placing your bets and expecting high jackpots even if the odds are low. Nevertheless, the players who beat all odds and won whopping amounts of prizes remain as reminders that winning is difficult but not impossible. Read through our list of the craziest wins in the casino history.

#1. Powerball Lottery – 590.5 Million Dollars

craziest casino win power ball

Gloria McKenzie earned the highest win in the Powerball lottery in 2013, winning over 590 million dollars. Then 84-years-old granny decided to cash out her winnings with half the prize instead of the full prize through 30 annual installments.

There were rumors that a fellow gambler let her cut in line to buy the ticket first. Another interesting fact is that McKenzie came from a small town in Florida with a yearly budget allocation that is only a tenth of her total winning prize.

#2. Excalibur – 39.7 Million Dollars

craziest casino win Excalibur

This winning from the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas is one of the most massive gains in Vegas history.  A 25- year-old engineer happened to win this whopping amount through spinning some slots while waiting for a sports betting basketball game event.

Reports reveal that the man only spent 100 dollars in the slot machine before the machine showed his winning jackpot of over 39.7 million dollars.

The engineer decided to remain anonymous and asked the casino to send his winnings to him through annual installments of 1.5 million dollars.

#3. Megabucks Slot Machine – 34.95 Million Dollars

craziest casino win mega bucks

This over 34 million dollar win is a bittersweet life change for Cynthia Jay-Brennan. Cynthia won the biggest jackpot in Mega Slots Machine at that time during her mother-in-law's birthday party. After the event, her life turned like a fairytale with her quitting her job, marrying her loved one, and traveling the world. Unfortunately, in fate's bitter twist, she got into a car accident. Her sister died, and she was left paralyzed for the rest of her life.

The chances of winning massive amounts of jackpots are relatively low. However, these craziest casino wins in our list prove that it is not impossible. Sometimes, it may take years of waiting and dedication. But who knows? Lady luck might finally smile at your gambling journey to grant you your craziest casino win.

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