More fresh fruits

More Fresh Fruits is an online slot game created by Endorphina. It was released in 2007 and gave the online slots genre a boost in colour. The developer followed up with another game that is similar to its predecessor and continues to provide colourful and fun slot games. This one also features a brushed steel background and a large amount of fruit. There are several different paytable options to choose from, but most players will enjoy playing this title because of its simplicity.

The game has an interesting concept. Instead of the traditional slot machine, this game combines several games into one. Instead of the regular slot machine, you will find a mini-game. This feature increases your chances of hitting the jackpot, but the odds of hitting a progressive jackpot are less. However, this game is more exciting because you can switch between games if you prefer. This means you can win a lot more money than if you played with normal slots.

More Fresh Fruits is very easy to play. Unlike most other slot machines, this game uses a random number generator to generate winning combinations. You will need to choose a coin value that is within the range of $0.01. You can play with as many as 100 coins per line, and the highest payout is 20 thousand coins! The payout is excellent and the bonus rounds are worth a look! There are also re-roll opportunities available.