The Spokane Tribe Casino is owned by the Spokane Tribe and is located just outside the city of Spokane in Airway Heights, Washington. The location is the epicenter of 3 million-plus acres of ancestral homelands for the Spokane Indians. The area is home to many ancient traditions and the tribe has been there for centuries. The casino is tied to the people and rivers of the area, and it honors those traditions.

A tribe is a group of individuals that form a group. In its simplest form, a tribe consists of extended families. The societal groups are often connected through kinship and geopolitical factors. There are many types of societal groups, including: clan, band, chiefdom, ethnic group, and many more. These are all forms of a tribe. Each group has its own unique characteristics, and the term tribe is used to describe each.

The word tribe was a neutral term, as it originated from the Latin tribus, which was a unit of government. In addition to a political group, a tribe is a body of people, endowed with the power to rule. However, the concept of a tribe does not presuppose a political party. In Japan, the concept of a tribe is often referred to as an uchi-soto, meaning “insider.” These groups were not organized as states, and the differences were clear.