Witches and wizards

In the book Witches And Wizards, the central theme is the ability of wizards and witches to control people, objects, and events. This power may involve making things disappear or secretly causing illnesses. Most of the time, this kind of control is motivated by desire for great riches or revenge, but there are also instances in which the power is motivated by love. In one story, the witch Circe turns the beautiful nymph Scylla into a monster.

The slot has several unique features. The Wild-Explosion symbol is a scatter symbol. This symbol will substitute for any other symbol, except the Scattered Staff symbol. When it appears, it will act as a 2x multiplier and will double your payout. The Witch symbol pays out 1000 coins, while the Wizard pays out 2000 coins. The Cauldron is an excellent wild-symbol, as it will replace any other symbol on the screen.

The Wizard’s purple hat is the main bonus symbol in Witches and Wizards. This tile is the only one that appears on the reels, but it is important to match it with the purple hat. If you do, you’ll win a free spin! The free spins will start automatically, and if you hit a bonus round, you’ll be awarded with a new set of spins!