Online Casino Jackpots: 5 Biggest Online Casino Wins

The internet has now transformed to become an additional platform to help you achieve your most-wanted casino wins. There was a time when if you are hoping for a life-changing jackpot, the only resort is to gear up and visit the most trusted casinos.

With the migration of the gambling industry to the online community, winning has now become more convenient. You can now spin your biggest jackpot slots and change your life without even leaving your bed. After all, comfort and convenience is the online casino industry's primary advantage.

However, although access already became more relaxed, it doesn't mean that winning chances are also higher. Like any other casinos, online casinos also work in a system that allows for better house (casino) edges. This system does not take away the thrill of betting and anticipating for that massive win. Many online casino players have also proven that winning high jackpots is not impossible. We have listed the top five biggest online casino wins ever recorded.

#1. British Soldier – 21 Million Dollars

online casino win jon

In October 2015, a British soldier, Jon Heywood, won a record-breaking over 20 million dollar jackpot from Mega Moolah. This online progressive slot favorite powered by Microgaming is known for its massive jackpot amounts. This win currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records' highest slot win. The soldier only needed 25 pennies to win this whopping jackpot.

#2. Finnish Gambler – 20 Million Dollars

Mega Fortune is another progressive slot with one of the highest recorded wins in the online casino history. In 2013, a lucky Finnish player won over 20 million dollars by using free spin bonuses for a 25-cent winning spin. Indeed, it is one of those considered miracle wins in casino history.

#3. Norwegian Player – 13.8 Million Dollars

online casino win mega fortune

This jackpot is another record-breaking win through the Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt. In September 2011, a Norwegian player who decided to be anonymous took some spins in the famous slot at 6:00 in the morning. After a few turns, the lucky player won over 13.8 million dollars, also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

#4. Swedish Player – 9.5 Million Dollars

Mega Fortune is indeed a generous online slot that gives out multi-million jackpots to many online casino fans. Another record of its high-prize winning is through the 30-year-old Swedish gambler, Alexander, who was spinning in an ordinary night. Little did he know that a life-changing 9.5 million dollar jackpot is waiting for him.

#5. Mysterious Player – 8.82 Million Dollar

online casino win mega moolah

Mega Moolah slot is also available via mobile. In August 2006, a mysterious player won the biggest jackpot through his mobile device. He was playing the game on his iPad when he won a massive 8.82 million dollar jackpot. This player requested to be anonymous.

Online casinos provided a more convenient platform for gambling. Hundreds of online casinos available on the internet give millions of jackpots for millions of the industry's fans globally. The odds may be low, but who knows? That biggest online casino win might also become yours.

How to Determine if an Online Casino Is Legitimate

A significant issue that revolves around any online casino site available online is its legitimacy. The online casino industry has been rapidly growing in recent years. Though there are multitudes of reliable casino sites available online, this platform has also become a haven for those who want to take advantage of online casino fans. Thousands of online casinos give out millions of jackpots to their customers yearly, but several other fraudulent casinos defraud millions from the industry.

The bitter fact is that the online space remains unprotected from many corrupt minds that frame many illicit activities. Since there is enormous money and opportunity in the online casino industry, it has become a center of these activities. The only relief of online casino players from this dilemma is that they can identify illegitimate sites and control which reliable ones to trust. Here is how you can determine if an online casino is legitimate.

#1. Licensing and Documents

online casino legitimate documents

Since online casinos acknowledge that legitimacy and security are constant issues for tested online casino players, they always make their licenses and certificates available in their sites.

The best online casinos partner with the most prominent online gambling regulatory bodies to control their operations. These institutions set high standards regarding gambling services and site security. In return for meeting these standards, the institutions grant specific licenses to the casinos who applied.

Other essential certificates that trusted online casinos seek after are for data encryption or third-party audits like eCOGRA. These certificates testify that the casino follows strict fair play guidelines and data security.

#2. Software Providers

The competition in the online casino industry is challenging, so most casinos partner with top game developers to provide high-quality games. But aside from this reason, online casinos only trust prominent software providers because they follow strict data protection and fair play guidelines in their games.

Many fraudulent casinos have scandals regarding fake casino games and licenses. It is a severe issue that may indicate a breached gaming system that requires you to place high bets without allowing anyone to win. In looking for a legitimate online casino, you can also check which game developers provide their game collections.

#3. Bonuses and Rewards

online casino legitimate bonuses

Bonuses are online casinos' ways to attract more registers daily. This feature is what sets online casinos apart from its in-person counterpart. Some casinos offer thousands of welcome bonuses plus hundreds of free spins.

Although these may be enticing, be careful in trusting them as they may be baits. If the guidelines on claiming those rewards are unclear or non-existent, have second thoughts in committing to the site.

#4. Payment Transactions

online casino legitimate payment

What makes online casinos dangerous is that it involves money. If the casino cannot put value in giving you out your winnings quickly and safely, the casino might not be legitimate. Before entrusting your money to any of these casino sites online, you can visit various reviews to see if the casino has issues with payouts and other payment transactions. No legit online casino will want their customers to question their credibility just because of delayed payments.

Online casinos do hard work in building trustworthy names in the abundance of untrustworthy sites proliferated online. Top casinos regard customer service and satisfaction highly and put their safety and security as the utmost priority. If a casino does not emanate these qualities, it is undoubtedly a casino you should not trust. Signing up for and entrusting your hard-earned money to any casino is already a gamble itself. Make sure that you only place your bets on the winning casinos.

Biggest Online Progressive Jackpot Slots You Should Try

A vast portion of the online casinos' game collections covers online slots. If you are a slot fan, you will not run out of slots to spin from thousands of titles available online. Slots are always a favorite for both tenured casino players and newbie gamblers. It may account for the game's simple and straightforward rules and guidelines. Even if you are a first-time player, there are no hassles to hinder your gaming experience. You have to place your bets, which can be as minimal as pennies, spin your slot, and wait for your jackpot.

There are also many kinds of online slots if you are a fan of variety. You can enjoy video slots, themed slots, but the most favorite is still progressive slots. Many online casino players have already proven their luck and won multi-million jackpots through online slots. If winning massive amounts is already thrilling you, you should consider trying your luck in progressive slots. Here are some of the biggest online slot jackpots you should try.

#1. Mega Moolah

online slots mega moolah

This online slot from the game development giant, Microgaming, holds the highest online casino win in history. It gave out approximately 21 million dollars to a 26-year-old British soldier in October 2015.

The best part, though, is that it only took him cents to win the highest online slot jackpot. Mega Moolah is also available on your mobile devices so you can have a chance to spin whenever and wherever you think of it.

#2. Mega Fortune

online slots mega fortune

Mega Fortune holds the second-highest record of the biggest online slot jackpots. This NetEnt powered slot levels itself with Mega Moolah when it comes to payouts and jackpots. Its highest recorded prize is only 12 thousand dollars lower than Mega Moolah's recorded win.

A Finnish player captured this jackpot through his winnings from free spins for a 25 cent winning spin. The winner who wished to remain anonymous held the top spot for a couple of years before Megah Moolah hit its record-breaking win.

#3. Jackpot Giant

online slots jackpot giant

Jackpot Giant is also another leading online slot that offers the biggest jackpots in the market. It operates through another big name in the online casino software provider industry, Playtech. Currently, it is available through many online casinos who partner with Playtech. It has recorded a payout that reached over 10.5 million dollars.

#4. Hall of Gods

online slots hall of gods

Hall of Gods is another online slot favorite from NetEnt. Thousands of online casino players win hundreds of jackpots from this slot regularly since it is also available in many of your top-rated online casinos. Its highest recorded payout reached over 8.3 million dollars.

#5. Beach Life

online slots beach life

Beach Life offers an online casino experience that will remind you of the warm feeling brought by the salty ocean winds and the sunny beach vibes. It is an excellent online casino slot that is also enjoyed by hundreds of slots fanatics worldwide. Currently, it holds the record of giving out an 8.2 million dollar jackpot. This online slot is also from Playtech.

The chances of winning multi-million jackpots are always a thrill that keeps online casino fans in the industry. Out of millions of odds, the chances of bagging that massive jackpot you are longing for is pretty low. However, if the experience of anticipating and playing alone already excites you, winning huge prizes will only be an icing on top.

3 Craziest Gambling Wins in the History of Casinos

Whether you are an avid casino gambling fan or just a mere casino world spectator, you might have already dreamt about having the craziest casino win of all time. After all, casino fans are mostly attracted to the massive winnings casinos promise. In real life, winning your most-wished-for jackpot is very less likely to happen. Gambling works in big house odds designed to limit huge jackpot wins. The craziest winnings ever recorded can be purely out of fortune or because of years' dedication and passion for the game.

However, the thrilling chances of winning crazy amounts of jackpots is still enticing for most casino fans. Who would not want to have that life-changing amount of earnings? It is always a delight placing your bets and expecting high jackpots even if the odds are low. Nevertheless, the players who beat all odds and won whopping amounts of prizes remain as reminders that winning is difficult but not impossible. Read through our list of the craziest wins in the casino history.

#1. Powerball Lottery – 590.5 Million Dollars

craziest casino win power ball

Gloria McKenzie earned the highest win in the Powerball lottery in 2013, winning over 590 million dollars. Then 84-years-old granny decided to cash out her winnings with half the prize instead of the full prize through 30 annual installments.

There were rumors that a fellow gambler let her cut in line to buy the ticket first. Another interesting fact is that McKenzie came from a small town in Florida with a yearly budget allocation that is only a tenth of her total winning prize.

#2. Excalibur – 39.7 Million Dollars

craziest casino win Excalibur

This winning from the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas is one of the most massive gains in Vegas history.  A 25- year-old engineer happened to win this whopping amount through spinning some slots while waiting for a sports betting basketball game event.

Reports reveal that the man only spent 100 dollars in the slot machine before the machine showed his winning jackpot of over 39.7 million dollars.

The engineer decided to remain anonymous and asked the casino to send his winnings to him through annual installments of 1.5 million dollars.

#3. Megabucks Slot Machine – 34.95 Million Dollars

craziest casino win mega bucks

This over 34 million dollar win is a bittersweet life change for Cynthia Jay-Brennan. Cynthia won the biggest jackpot in Mega Slots Machine at that time during her mother-in-law's birthday party. After the event, her life turned like a fairytale with her quitting her job, marrying her loved one, and traveling the world. Unfortunately, in fate's bitter twist, she got into a car accident. Her sister died, and she was left paralyzed for the rest of her life.

The chances of winning massive amounts of jackpots are relatively low. However, these craziest casino wins in our list prove that it is not impossible. Sometimes, it may take years of waiting and dedication. But who knows? Lady luck might finally smile at your gambling journey to grant you your craziest casino win.