Online Casino Jackpots: 5 Biggest Online Casino Wins

The internet has now transformed to become an additional platform to help you achieve your most-wanted casino wins. There was a time when if you are hoping for a life-changing jackpot, the only resort is to gear up and visit the most trusted casinos.

With the migration of the gambling industry to the online community, winning has now become more convenient. You can now spin your biggest jackpot slots and change your life without even leaving your bed. After all, comfort and convenience is the online casino industry's primary advantage.

However, although access already became more relaxed, it doesn't mean that winning chances are also higher. Like any other casinos, online casinos also work in a system that allows for better house (casino) edges. This system does not take away the thrill of betting and anticipating for that massive win. Many online casino players have also proven that winning high jackpots is not impossible. We have listed the top five biggest online casino wins ever recorded.

#1. British Soldier – 21 Million Dollars

online casino win jon

In October 2015, a British soldier, Jon Heywood, won a record-breaking over 20 million dollar jackpot from Mega Moolah. This online progressive slot favorite powered by Microgaming is known for its massive jackpot amounts. This win currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records' highest slot win. The soldier only needed 25 pennies to win this whopping jackpot.

#2. Finnish Gambler – 20 Million Dollars

Mega Fortune is another progressive slot with one of the highest recorded wins in the online casino history. In 2013, a lucky Finnish player won over 20 million dollars by using free spin bonuses for a 25-cent winning spin. Indeed, it is one of those considered miracle wins in casino history.

#3. Norwegian Player – 13.8 Million Dollars

online casino win mega fortune

This jackpot is another record-breaking win through the Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt. In September 2011, a Norwegian player who decided to be anonymous took some spins in the famous slot at 6:00 in the morning. After a few turns, the lucky player won over 13.8 million dollars, also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

#4. Swedish Player – 9.5 Million Dollars

Mega Fortune is indeed a generous online slot that gives out multi-million jackpots to many online casino fans. Another record of its high-prize winning is through the 30-year-old Swedish gambler, Alexander, who was spinning in an ordinary night. Little did he know that a life-changing 9.5 million dollar jackpot is waiting for him.

#5. Mysterious Player – 8.82 Million Dollar

online casino win mega moolah

Mega Moolah slot is also available via mobile. In August 2006, a mysterious player won the biggest jackpot through his mobile device. He was playing the game on his iPad when he won a massive 8.82 million dollar jackpot. This player requested to be anonymous.

Online casinos provided a more convenient platform for gambling. Hundreds of online casinos available on the internet give millions of jackpots for millions of the industry's fans globally. The odds may be low, but who knows? That biggest online casino win might also become yours.

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